Jasmine Murrell
Untouchable (close up)
fabric, thread
The site specific installation created for an exhibition "Home and Homelessness", inspired by the invisible. The
United States is one of the riches countries in world, while many of our people are living
in poverty and destitution. In Untouchable, I question the very systems in our
society and our impaired frameworks in the community, while asking the questions—
what are we building as a country and what are we moving towards?

I frequently work with in a thematic series that primarily examines ideologies
found in American culture. My aesthetic is drawn to a grotesque but beautiful
sensibility as I find brilliance and energy in objects that invoke story or memory.
I engage the viewer to witness and contemplate another perspective in the way
we view our selves and our connections to each other. In doing so, I strive for my
audience to discover new forms of expression, to heal old wounds, to question
institutions and traditions, and to invoke new concepts from my work.

Time and memory are mutable and uncertain and we can only count on the inherent
ability of all living things to adapt and transform to survive.
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